Bruce Brady Obtains Another Defense Verdict

Bruce Brady obtained a unanimous defense verdict in a wrongful death case tried before Justice Joseph Santorelli in the Supreme Court, Suffolk County. Our client was a radiologist who interpreted a chest x-ray for a 59-year-old woman in September 2015.  He identified an area in the patient’s right mid lung as representing an overlapping of normal pulmonary tissue.  Two years later, the patient was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer with metastasis to her liver, brain and spine. Imaging studies at that time determined that the primary tumor was in the same location as the area our client interpreted as being normal.  The patient died a year and a half later.  The plaintiff claimed that our client did not properly interpret the chest x-ray and allowed the patient’s cancer to progress to an incurable stage.  The jury rejected the plaintiff’s claims and concluded that our client properly interpreted the x-ray and did not depart from accepted radiological standards.