Vincent Nagler Secures Another Defense Verdict in Nassau County

On December 20,2023, Vincent Nagler obtained a defense verdict for an anesthesiologist in a case tried before Justice Francis Ricigliano, Supreme Court, Nassau County.

Our client attempted spinal anesthesia on a patient who was having hip replacement surgery . After several attempts at spinal anesthesia , the anesthesia was converted to general.  The patient subsequently developed a spinal hematoma and underwent an emergency evacuation but was left paralyzed by the hematoma.                                  .

Plaintiff alleged malpractice in the handoff between anesthesiology and the post anesthesia care unit (PACU) claiming there was no mention of the failed spinal to the PACU nurse.  Plaintiff argued that this failure to communicate caused the PACU team to not appreciate the signs of the developing hematoma.

Mr. Nagler focused on the fact that there was no expert opinion establishing that the spinal procedure failed to meet the standard of care.  He further argued that the handoff from anesthesiology to PACU was appropriate and documented in the medical record.

The jury agreed with the defense and rendered a verdict in favor of our client.