Our Construction Litigation team has extensive experience representing, and vigorously defending, well-known property owners, developers, property mangers, contractors, construction managers, design professional and subcontractors against all personal injury claims stemming from the New York State Labor Laws, including 200, 240 and 241, as well as construction defects. We routinely handle high exposure cases involving wrongful death claims, and significant body injuries. We work closely with our clients to not only defend these matters, but to further educate them on litigation obstacles in construction accident claims, and assist them with drafting more comprehensive contracts, safety plans, and record keeping practices, that can help reduce their risk and potential exposure on future projects.

Our litigation approach includes pre-suit investigation and analysis, particularly on potential risk transfers. Our team handles cases from pre-suit through trial and appeals. We are frequently retained on high profile cases, and have been successful in obtaining favorable results. We work closely with our clients to develop a litigation action plan early in the case and believe that a team approach helps to ensure optimal results.

At BPN we are always mindful of the litigation expenses, potential significant exposure in these types of claims, and as such, we work quickly to investigate the claims, and move them towards favorable resolutions. We believe having a strong partnership with our clients and their insurers, has helped us achieve the excellent results we have obtained over the years, and has lead to a strong reputation in Construction Litigation Defense.

Our construction accident group handles everything from catastrophic building collapse and crane collapse cases, to more routine cases involving falls from heights, workers being struck by falling objects, and hoisting accidents.