The landscape of employment law practice has markedly evolved in the past decade, as a consequence of the shifting landscape of statutory changes and regulatory enforcement.  Employment litigation now comprises well over half the cases brought in the federal courts.  Business management is increasingly under pressure from government agencies as well as subject to litigation on a number of fronts, including wage/hour matters, class action suits, non-compliance actions brought by numerous federal and state agencies, and individual discrimination and harassment allegations.  BPN’s employment and labor law team is able to handle the breadth of employment law matters based on the extensive experience of its team including expertise in employee misclassification, drafting of employee handbooks, employment contracts and wage/hour actions.  Gregg Weinstock has over a quarter century of experience as a litigator, with a broad-ranging practice representing manufacturers, distributors and retailers.  He has represented municipalities and has also negotiated private sector collective bargaining agreements as well as handling National Labor Relations Board and arbitration matters.

What sets BPN’s employment law practice apart is our pro-active approach to clients’ needs.  We work collaboratively, not only on the matter at issue, but on an ongoing consultative level to mitigate against future legal exposure and to establish best employment practices.  Should a case arise, we diligently represent clients on the trial and appellate levels in both the federal and state court systems, before the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the National Labor Relations Board, the New York State Industrial Appeal Board, Unemployment Insurance Appeal Board and Workers’ Compensation Board, among many others. Additionally, our employment law partners are experienced mediators and are well versed in all aspects of alternative dispute resolution.  Our collaborative approach has produced success in the courtroom as well as long-term relationships with clients.