Adonaid Medina, Mike Diven and Dylan Braverman Obtain Summary Judgment of Major Manhattan Hospital

Adonaid Medina, Mike Diven and Dylan Braverman obtained dismissal of medical malpractice claims brought against a Manhattan Hospital affiliated with the largest medical system in New York. Plaintiff was represented by aggressive plaintiff’s counsel who opposed dismissal by way of two expert opinions arguing that there was malpractice associated with a two stage anterior discectomy with fusion and a posterior fusion with bone grafting resulting in a significant nerve damage due to excessive intraoperative manipulation of the paraspinal muscles. However, the court granted summary judgment dismissal of all claims asserted against the Manhattan Hospital after ruling that plaintiff’s experts created no factual questions sufficient to rebut the opinion of the orthopedic surgeon that accompanied the hospital’s motion. As a result, all claims against the Manhattan Hospital were dismissed.