Arthur I. Yankowitz Secures Unanimous Defense Verdict in Queens County

On February 21, 2024, Arthur Yankowitz with the assistance of Daniel O’Connell secured a unanimous defense verdict before Justice Kevin Kerrigan, Supreme Court Queens County. Plaintiff claimed that defendant Cardiologist negligently treated the decedent’s congestive heart failure by “overdosing” the 89-year-old patient with Lasix which resulted in the patient falling out of bed. The plaintiff further claimed that the cardiologist did not appropriately treat the patient’s dehydration and failed to place a foley catheter and order one-on-one observation.  As a result, the decedent allegedly sustained intracerebral hemorrhages, subdural hematoma, displaced femoral neck fracture, intertrochanteric fracture, right superior pubic superior ramus fracture and loss of enjoyment of life and ultimate death. After a lengthy three-week trial, the jury rejected plaintiff’s contentions regarding the hospital medication administration records and found that our client appropriately prescribed Lasix and that all his care was within good and accepted medical practice.