Dawn Bristol Wins a Unanimous Defense Verdict

On February 17, 2022, Dawn Bristol secured a unanimous defendant’s verdict for a New York City Hospital in a premises liability case tried in Kings County Supreme Court before the Honorable Justice Larry D. Martin.  Plaintiff claimed that an enlarged expansion joint on the stairs of an entrance to the Hospital caused her to fall and suffer injury. Allegations included improper maintenance of the stairs and failure to install handrails. The defenses included that the stairs were constructed and maintained in good repair in compliance with all New York City Building Codes, and that there was no nexus between the plaintiff’s fall and the expansion joint. The jury unanimously found no negligence on the part of the Hospital in the liability portion of the trial eliminating the need for a damages trial.  Injuries claimed included cervical and lumbar spine disc herniations, causing chronic pain and limitations necessitating several spinal epidural injections and future anterior cervical discectomy and fusion, and an elbow fracture.