Gary W. Patterson, Jr. Secures Unanimous Defense Verdict in New Jersey

On January 17, 2024, Gary W. Patterson, Jr. secured a unanimous defense verdict before Justice Patrick Bradshaw of the Middlesex County Superior Court in New Jersey.  Plaintiff claimed the defendant oral surgeon negligently placed excessively long dental implants in the maxilla leading to perforation into the nasal cavity, infection and the need for extraction.  As a result, the 67 year old plaintiff claimed she was left edentulous and ashamed of her appearance, causing her to wear a mask at all times in public.  

Plaintiff’s oral surgery expert used post-operative CT imaging to support the claim that the implants had penetrated the nasal mucosa into the airspace.  On cross examination, the expert conceded that the CT imaging contained artifact, leading to distortion.  The expert was also forced to acknowledge he failed to review critical pieces of evidence before arriving at his opinions. Mr. Patterson also discredited the plaintiff on cross, contradicting her testimony with medical records and prior testimony.  

Mr. Patterson’s oral surgery expert introduced into evidence pre-operative CT imaging with measurements establishing that the implants were properly sized in relation to the available bone height. After a brief deliberation, the jury returned a unanimous defense verdict (8-0).