Unanimous Defense Verdict is Obtained in Medical Malpractice Trial

On November 21, 2019, Dawn Bristol obtained a unanimous defense verdict in a medical malpractice trial in Richmond County Supreme Court. The plaintiff alleged that a nurse roughly turned a 73 year old female patient recovering from an angiogram onto a bedpan, causing a sheath that remained in the right common femoral artery to tear the artery resulting in a large groin hematoma, and wound infection, which spread to the patient’s right hip prosthetic. Ms. Bristol represented the hospital that employed the nurse, who allegedly roughly turned the patient. The patient underwent exploratory surgery with evacuation of the hematoma, was re-hospitalized for a right groin wound infection and several months later was hospitalized again for an infected right hip prosthetic. The patient underwent further surgeries, including removal of the hip prosthesis, and was not a candidate for a replacement hip prosthetic. The defense disputed claims of any untoward actions by the nurse, and argued that there was no evidence that the manner of turning the patient as employed by the nurse was improper, no evidence that the right common femoral artery had been torn, and that the sheath inadvertently became dislodged from the femoral artery, which is a known and acceptable complication of an angiogram procedure.