VBPNP is proud to announce that one of our partners, Ralph Vincent Morales, has authored an historical fiction that is on sale now!

The book, “A Saint’s Letters from the Depths of Hell,” is the compelling story of the uncle that Ralph never knew: Vincent “Saint” Santaniello, a United States Marine who was killed in action on March 28, 1968 in Cam Lo, Vietnam.  This gripping drama is based on the dozens of letters that “Saint” wrote to his sister and best friend, Lilly, in 1967-68, the accounts of his brother Marines in Vietnam, and the imagination of his oldest surviving nephew, Ralph, who was born to Lilly sixteen months after Vinnie’s death. This is a memoir of undying love and loyalty, as seen through the conflicting prisms of war and family. The timeless story of Vinnie, his courageous brother Marines, and his big sister, Lilly, is one that will touch your soul and captivate your mind.

 You can purchase the book now in your choice of hardcover, paperback, or as an eBook compatible with Kindle or Nook, by clicking on the BUY NOW! button in the below link.  The book is also available in all three formats on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.