VBPNP is very excited to announce that Graig Avino, Michael Battiste, Danielle Hansen, Thomas Jaffa and Nicole Wittman have been elected as partners in the firm!

Graig joined the firm in May of 2018 with the goal of assisting  in the development of our New Jersey practice. From his start with VBPNP, Graig has demonstrated a tremendous willingness to work hard, and that effort shines through in the quality of his analysis and work product.

Mike came on board in February of 2016 and is one of our longest tenured attorneys.  He is a hardworking and intelligent attorney who will stop at nothing to serve his clients.  Mike is extremely creative and insightful and can be counted on to cover every base on a case.

Tom joined us in September of 2018 and has demonstrated his leadership skills from minute one.  Tom has been in the forefront of assisting and mentoring less experienced attorneys on issues of law and file management.   

Danielle excels in many areas, but none more so than her outstanding legal mind.  She always provides great insight and analysis on her files.  Danielle compliments these skills with a tremendous work ethic.  Since her start with us in February of 2019, Danielle’s efforts have gone beyond her own work as she has been a great resource for other less experienced attorneys.

Nicole is an excellent attorney whose work product is outstanding.  Like her peers, she is a thoughtful and considerate person who is ready and willing to help in any way.  Nicole has been with us since May of 2017, and her efforts and quality work have paid off in the development new clients for the firm. 

We congratulate our new Partners Nicole, Danielle, Tom, Mike and Graig!