VBP&P Supports Life-Saving Efforts at NCBA

DSC_0001 - Vigorito

Nassau County – On June 1st, the Nassau County Bar Association (NCBA) hosted a televised Community Blood Drive (Fios 1).  The NCBA Community came together to answer the need for blood donations.  Just days prior to the drive, New York State issued an emergency request in light of a shortage of blood going into the busy summer season.  Co-chairs, Patty Miller, Esq. and Mamie Stathatos-Fulgieri, Esq. working with the NCBA, achieved unprecedented number of donors.  This charitable event was generously sponsored by Vigorito, Barker, Porter & Patterson, LLP (VBP&P).  More than 10 attorneys and staff of VBP&P were present to selflessly donate blood during this critical time.  Members of VBP&P were proud to support this event.